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Outsourcing Relocation

If you are already in the arena of global relocation than you already found the process of identifying potential service partners as completely overwhelming. Read this paper to learn:

  • The advantages of outsourcing international and domestic relocation process. 
  • The best criteria to select the service partners. 
  • Whether outsourcing is right for you or not.



Development Assignment

The short-term development assignments (STDAs) are becoming popular within the mobility domain as the companies are looking for ways to increase employee development and business growth while curbing the rising costs at the same time. This innovative strategy is allowing business to deploy assets where needed without making long term financial commitments or international assignments.  


Relocation Tax

Taxation during the relocation process can become quite intricate as all moving expenses associated with relocation are mostly paid by the employers. Read this paper to find out your responsibilities as an employer in the relocation process, as how moving expenses are paid and what is deductible on your end in tax reporting. You will also find out information on how to report this information to IRS via W-2 forms. 


Relocation Policy

The landscape of international relocation policy is continuously changing. So it is important for you to know the facts and parameters that define the relocation policy. If you have a mobile force than it is important that you should understand the importance of relocation policy. Do not worry if you do not have relocation policy as this paper will help you to generate one in no time. 


Lump Sum

These are the external and internal parameters which will help you to decide whether lump sum program is suitable for your organization or not. This paper will greatly help you to plan all your global mobility strategies. You will learn:

  • Pros and cons of each type of policy. 
  • The working methodology of each lump sum program. 
  • Which policy will be a suitable fit for your employee relocation program? 

Maintaining Productivity

This paper will teach you about ways to improve and enhance your employee productivity during domestic and international assignments. You will learn to:

  • Take proactive measures to mitigate the risk associated with increased relocation. 
  • Analyse the hidden costs associated with productivity.  
  • Understand the important factors that can have an impact on the productivity of your employees during relocations. 

Relocation Assignment

Understanding the trends in global relocation will greatly hone your ability to assess the global mobility policies in the context of current corporate environment. You will learn:

  • The benefits and compensation for employee relocation. 
  • Repatriation and mobilization to home country. 
  • Home country assistance and excellent pre-assignment. 



Tax Cut Implications for Companies

The IRS is treating relocation expenses differently after the tax cut and job act. You will learn:

  • Hurdles in the popularity lump sums and high cost areas. 
  • Effects on local and international relocation assignments.
  • Alternation in the treatment of moving expenses associated with the federal tax. 

Employee Relocation Culture Shock

As international movement of employees have become a common trend, it is important to understand the phenomenon of cultural shock. You will learn: 

  • Know about the steps that lead to culture shock. 
  • Enhance your assessments to improve outcome. 

Understand the cheap ways to reduce the risk of culture shock.

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