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Getting ready for the big move? TE&OT would like to remind clients of our Immigration and Visa Services. We can help clients through visa applications, document tracking, visa renewals and prepare the necessary document translations and legalizations.

TE&OT knows that when families move overseas, it can be difficult to prepare everyone’s documents and visa papers. TE&OT specializes in handling all the paperwork, not just for individual clients, but also their accompanying family members. We can organize the process by providing a detailed timeline and document tracking to individuals and family members, so that new assignees are up-to-date on the visa application or renewal processes.

TE&OT walks clients through the process of renewals and visa cancellations as well. We can provide documents needed for renewal along with a clear schedule of upcoming renewal dates so that clients are kept in the loop. Concerning cancellations, TE&OT by working with local authorities to ensure a swift cancellation process.
For more information, head over to our Immigration Services page.

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