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A Tour Made Easy

Enjoy a streamlined tour with us, you will understand a lot of processes and methodologies in the domain of global mobility. Wherever you are, we will provide you the perfect tour. Our guide will make it easy for you to surf the town or city you are in as if you've come here a few times before.  You could access information about your residence and learn everything from the local best restaurants to the fancy locations for entertainment.


Choose you Destination and we will deliver your News... Political-wise or Economical-wise

We usually deliver insightful news in the domain of global mobility and you will gain a lot of valuable knowledge that will set you apart from your competitors. TE&OT will help provide up-to-date news about your current residence and the happenings of the political situation or the economy of the country.


All Cultures are at a Click of your Hands

Do you find understanding cultures an overwhelming process, you have come to the right place? Here you can analyze and evaluate all cultures for your global relocation needs. If you are in a new place where the culture and the traditions are very new to you, TE&OT is here to help! We will provide you with the information known about the culture. This will help you adapt very easily. 

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