UC Solutions


With the demands that come with working for an IGO, your ability to participate in meetings remotely is very important in terms of saving time and resources. This is the reason why our Telepresence services facilitate your participation in such meetings with the least efforts.

Web conferencing

When it comes to taking part in public that demands an IGO representation but is unable to make it for one reason or the other, our web conferencing services work perfectly. With the application of technology, you are able to play be part of the meeting 100 percent.

Data Destruction

Hard Drive Shredding

As an IGO personnel, protecting the security of your organization’s data must be high on your priorities. It is for this reason that we offer you the best disposing of data and information methods. Total Green promises the best hard disk disposal that prevents wrong data access.

Data Wiping

Our Data wiping services ensure that all of your hard drives have been wiped clean in a manner that protects the various aspects of the IGO you represent. We ensure that every piece of information, which is not meant for an outsider, does not get out.

Media Degaussing

Use of technology improvements enable us help you get rid of data from your hard drive. By the use of our media degaussing services, we are able to make you an employee that cares for the security of both your job and employer.

Media Shredding

Good employee strives to protect both their employer and the people they serve. Our Media Shredding services guarantee just that. By shredding various Backup tapes, CDs, DVDs or SDDs which are used to store sensitive data we are grant your desire to being a model IGO employee.