Language solutions

Translation courses Diplomatic Interpretation

The fact that ambassadors from different countries have constant meetings to discuss import foreign policies in different languages means that interpreters play a very important role in such meetings. Through the understanding of this fact, we offer interpretation services through our highly qualified interpreters who understand the importance of producing proper phrases.

Escort Interpretation

The fact that diplomatic work entails constant traveling is one issue that we have considered by coming up with our Escort Interpretation Services. Through the provision of an interpreter who is able to accompany you as a diplomat in other physical locations outside your normal convenient place of work as your assignment's demands, we ensure that your work becomes easier.

Whispering Interpretation

The need to sometimes have access to interpretation services in relatively small meetings where there is the unavailability of interpretation equipment leads to the requirement of the Whisper interpretation services. This service entails our interpreter sitting immediately beside you, the diplomat, so they are able to simultaneously whisper the interpretations to you.

Diplomatic Translation

In order to have cordial diplomatic relations, there must be the proper translation that is done for all official documents that are used to communicate. This is the reason why we offer the most outstanding translation services to all of our clients. Participants require documents such as MOUs to be signed by different countries to be translated into different understandable languages.

Cultural Course

Cross-cultural Phone Briefing
We understand that being a diplomat means that every single minute matters and at times it becomes difficult to physically travel all the time. Our Cross-cultural Phone Briefing services enable you to have a professional phone session with a cross-cultural expert who is able to offer essential guidelines on ways through which you could achieve a smooth diplomatic mission when it comes to traveling to new cultures.
Diplomatic Cross-cultural Briefing
Having the right cross-cultural skills when traveling to regions whose culture is one that you have never experienced before gives you the opportunity to interact with the natives in a very culturally sensitive manner that shows good diplomacy. Our Diplomatic Cross-cultural Briefing assures that you are able to achieve this.
Foreign Language Training
Diplomacy work is all about being able to communicate with the people that you are supposed to forge diplomatic ties with. It is therefore for this reason that it becomes very important to communicate in their own language. Our Foreign language Training ensures that you are able to learn the various languages demanded of you.
English as a Lingua Franca (ELF)
The ability to communicate in the English language from different languages background is achieved through the English as a Lingua Franca (ELF). No matter the diplomatic assignments that have been given to you, we ensure that we have enabled you to speak and use the English language in its best format through these services.